Oh boy. Keep your pants on: Portland’s First Thursday is this week.

I’m only slightly making fun of the art world here – there are still some really cool things to be seen, even if this isn’t NYC or LA. One of my favorite galleries is the Attic Gallery.  This is one of the two artists the gallery is featuring this month:



…although the reason this is one of my favorite galleries is because they sell Gretchen Gammel’s work, which I wish I could afford right now:


While perusing the official First Thursday website, I also saw that Aaron Meyer, a former music teacher from Saint Mary’s Academy when I attended will be playing his “concert rock” violin at the Shaffer Fine Art Gallery.  I wouldn’t recommend going there for the art, but the entertainment could be worth the trip.  Mostly what I remember about this Aaron Meyer dude is he tended to flip his luxuriously long and full mane about so much that I used to count the instances during school assemblies.  I suspect he taught at SMA so he could perform for a captive audience.  He also had a dangerously thin ballerina wife who would frolic to his rockin’ violin, which I enjoyed because it distracted me from the hair-flippage. Check it:
Hes getting ready to flip it...wait for it...

He's getting ready to flip it...wait for it...


Sorry, Aaron, if you ever read this (I doubt it).  You are a very gifted musician and frankly, I’m just jealous of your talent…and your hair. 

Hmmm, okay.  Back to visual art. 
I’ve never been to the PDX Contemporary Art gallery but the current exhibition, Masao Yamamoto’s KAWA = FLOW seems right up my alley, with black and white painterly images that play with light and reflection within landscapes:
KAWA=FLOW #1534 / Masao Yamamoto

KAWA=FLOW #1534 / Masao Yamamoto

And I can’t forget P:ear’s gallery, although they don’t seem to have anything new to show since November.  The current exhibition is called Formation.  You can read more about it in the link above…since I haven’t seen it yet, I might check that out, too.

Happy art gazing!